Swipe Night: A swipe in the right direction

Only available Sunday night 6:00PM – 12:00PM local time this “Adventure” is what Gen X and Millennials would genuinely classify as an experience. From virtual concerts, pick your own adventure movies like Netflix’s BanderSnatch, and now online dating – our media is becoming more immersive and engaging. These decisions are deeply revealing to a users beliefs and opinions which is potentially pivotal data to a dating platform like Match Group.

The 5 minute long POV interactive adventure features 9 prompts that utilizes its famed right swipe/ left swipe for users to choose how their adventure will play out:

Prompt 1: Compliment the host OR playfully diss her outfit
Prompt 2: Be DJ; Play normal beats OR troll the party (missed opportunity for Spotify product placement)
Prompt 3: Share a drink with Graham OR leave the room to have a conversation with someone else (missed opportunity for alcohol product placement)
Prompt 4: Snitch on Graham for cheating on his girlfriend OR cover for Graham
Prompt 5: Record the apocalyptic event in your story OR stay in the moment (Recording the event didn’t show a familiar Snapchat/ Instagram interface)
Prompt 6: “Do you believe the events on the news?” choose: yes OR no
Prompt 7: Save the puppy OR save Alexis
Prompt 8: Run down the street OR run back to Molly’s House
Prompt 9: Barricade the door from people coming into Molly’s House OR let stranger seeking help inside

The results of your adventure end with you either at Molly’s House or Rico’s Nasty Car, and this is where episode two will resume next sunday night. Results are final and may come to haunt you as Prompt 4, Prompt 5, and Prompt 7 are now visible in your profile. “You really covered for Graham, wow” is a possible criticism that a user may now have to deal with. Tinder is typically viewed as a superficial dating app but this data helps populate profiles with unique talking points that are suggestive of a person’s personality traits.

The highlighted boxes illustrate where the two users made the same decision

Tinder has become a verb so it is only fitting that the platform becomes even more interactive and revealing. #SwipeNight should be a boon for user engagement; both existing users and attracting new users. One looming question is how will Tinder handle the users who have FOMO and missed week 1?

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