What Got Me Excited In 2019

Products, Trends, Tax Codes, Revolutions, etc.

Bose Frames– Hands down the most impressive piece of technology I experienced in 2019. Much has been written about the success of Airpods and The Audio Revolution but it’s become clear that the continued growth of audio consumption isn’t through earbuds but with frames. Frames won’t displace earbuds but will allow us to consume even more audio while remaining immersed in our surroundings. This would eliminate a major vexation in my personal life of flagging down people’s attention multiple times while they’re submersed in audio. Frames are the ideal solution for the workplace; enjoy your music but stay accessible to your colleagues. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s AR glasses where I assume Apple will be able to replicate the sublime audio experience of the Bose Frames.

1031 Exchange Learning the ins and out of real estate investing has been illuminating. Real estate investors are playing the game with a set of rules that sound illegal if you didn’t know any better. The 1031 exchange is just one of a myriad of ways to reduce tax liabilities- it’s a rabbit hole worth going down.

Online Dating- While I have been aware of the services offered and how they work I never really considered how radical these services were. It’s wild to realize that we are now in the era where our species DNA is affected by algorithms. I also overlooked how powerful and transformative these services will be in emerging markets as the internet continues to erode traditional beliefs and long held customs. I am confident that online dating will continue to expand and be one of the megatrends of the coming decade.

Enterprise Search- Anecdotally, the current shortfalls and limitations of network drives are frustratingly obvious. Searching with no filters and yielding results solely based on metadata is cumbersome and ineffective. While researching Elastic’s Enterprise Search I became enthralled by the potential for individual businesses to leverage their vast institutional knowledge that’s currently siloed away within their network drives.

The Future of Advertising– Mirriad Advertising uses AI and computer vision technology to discreetly but materially alter video media for optimal product placement. They have the ability to alter preexisting product placement and even add new advertisements. How does this company only have a market cap of $32 Million? Imagine a world where all video content product placement is uniquely selected to target you? How would this change the pricing dynamics for the SVOD providers?

The Joe Rogan Experience While holding the title ‘Oprah for bros’ the Joe Rogan Experience has grown to become a platform of notable significance. It’s become one of my favorite venues for discovering new ideas and experiencing in depth breakdowns to industries of which I had little to no exposure. His podcast has become a petri dish for fresh ideas to grow and is a bonafide launching pad for a person’s brand, validation of their theories, and overall accelerant of new trends. This podcast has introduced me to sensory deprivation tanks, the health benefits of saunas, countless health and fitness tips, various political perspectives from current presidential candidates, conspiracy theories, mind alternating substances, and the list just goes on. The power of this podcast exemplifies the immense potential for future monetization of podcasts as a whole.

Drones- It’s seems inevitable that drones are on the brink of changing the world forever. The Automobile, The Internet, The Smartphone, and now; The Drone.

QR Codes- Not a new technology but it seems like we’re finally finding valuable use cases for this tool. I now buy discounted gift cards from Raise.com to fill my digital wallet for places like Starbucks & Chipotle and enjoy a simpler checkout when paying via QR code. I believe the revival of QR codes bodes well for the continued use as the phone’s camera as a conduit between the real and virtual worlds.

This Twitter Thread:

Freelance Marketplaces: Craigslist is the OG here but newer platforms like Fiverr.com & Upwork.com are exciting in their ability to credentialize their members. Human facing platforms like Angie’s List & Care.com are equally exciting as millenials are beginning to search for solutions to newly acquired problems with their trusted crutch; the internet. Peer referrals will always be robust but these marketplaces are providing new liquidity and transparency to difficult problems. Hell, all of social media is a freelance marketplace at this point. From earning money from advertisements on Youtube to monetizing salacious content on OnlyFans.com. More and more people are looking to leverage the internet for a primary or supplemental source of income.

Twitter Not every user views the network as a resource to be mined but those like myself who do are consistently amazed. Too many accounts to list but my time spent on twitter can be summed up as constant interactive group learning experience. While it hasn’t been the best investment I remain bullish. It’s malleability allows users to create their own definition of utility while consistently tweaking their experience. From being used as a CRM to a virtual newspaper the use cases are endless.

AirBnb- This is an entirely new category of lodging and is much more than simply a hotel alternative. AirBnb can do things a hotel can’t, or simply doesn’t want to. AirBnb is changing the value of real estate. AirBnb’ing is already a verb and Instagram induced wanderlust seems to be boundless so it will be exciting to watch the continued evolution of this marketplace for experiences . Anxiously awaiting the IPO in 2020 (or direct listing?)