COVID-19: The Infectious Tech Revolution

With the flip of a switch we are all now dipping our toes into a digital revolution. COVID-19 just annihilated a dam of pent up demand for tech adoption. Telecommuting and distance learning are here, they say it’s temporary-but it’s not.

In aggregate we are witnessing an unprecedented demand surge for internet access. Parents are at home working via VPN while the children are at home streaming classroom lessons through the power of video communication. Both parties will have their mobile devices connected to the Wi-Fi and there may even be Netflix streaming in the background. With less time spent commuting and individuals quarantined they’re likely to consume more media and engage with more video games than ever before. This is the perfect storm for suppliers of Wi-Fi signal boosters & routers.

Organizations are rushing to order laptops in bulk. Rushing to onboard new devices to the VPN and give individuals access to critical SaaS. It is reasonable to assume the urgency and lack of planning is suboptimal long term. Do overlooked issues or shortcuts taken to streamline employees represent a looming cyber security hazzard?

Once an organization builds out the infrastructure to support remote work, there’s no going back- things are changed forever. Many employees nationwide just inherited a new perk and will now expect no less. These employees will now transform their home offices. New webcams, new lighting, new furniture, new chairs, headsets, etc.

Behind the magical Wi-Fi signal powering our work, education, and pleasure are the data centers that support the cloud. We are set to witness an accelerated pace of CapEx inside data centers. Cloud providers are set to get their moment in the spotlight for just how amazing they are.

By the end of 2020 we will be living a radically different world than when we started 2020. The second order effects of this revolution are just starting to be realized. With more hours spent at home does eCommerce actually see less demand as individuals will cherish an opportunity to leave the house to shop physical retail ? Does the idea of Blue Apron get a major revival? Below I list some of the major investment themes to benefit from this sudden tech revolution.

Life at home:

The Remote Infrastructure: