What Got Me Excited In 2019

Products, Trends, Tax Codes, Revolutions, etc. Bose Frames- Hands down the most impressive piece of technology I experienced in 2019. Much has been written about the success of Airpods and The Audio Revolution but it's become clear that the continued growth of audio consumption isn't through earbuds but with frames. Frames won't displace earbuds but … Continue reading What Got Me Excited In 2019

Rogue Waves: The Ripple Effect From The Streaming Wars

Food, water,and shelter are at the core of what we consider essential. Very close to that trio is your cell phone and not far behind your phone is access to music and video entertainment. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile/Sprint are set to become the beneficiaries of the ongoing streaming war & battle amongst subscription music providers. … Continue reading Rogue Waves: The Ripple Effect From The Streaming Wars

MaaS: Meals as a Service

The American Eater Wins Again As delivery becomes cheaper, quicker, and more incentivized Ghost Kitchens will emerge as the most desirable business model for restaurant entrepreneurs. Consumers will continue to embrace the ease of ordering via delivery apps and incentives like Uber Rewards will solidify network effects. As these networks effects strengthen so will the … Continue reading MaaS: Meals as a Service